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I get that he is alleged to be this guy that, a minimal of on the surface, would not seem to care about a lot when it comes to his relationships, particularly with girls. He fights his worry of abandonment by by no means taking relationships all that significantly…he possibly even makes use of them partially as a second source of earnings. He flirts with JM perhaps because he finds her attention-grabbing or entertaining or maybe that’s just what he does, flirt with any enticing and/or rich girl that he comes throughout. Along the way, in fact, it appears that he is becoming at least considerably sincere in his relationship with JM…however the actor just isn’t selling any of this for me. There is no nuance to his performance, which to me, is something that it actually calls for.

When it is just the 2 of them on screen, it feels like a totally completely different present. I take pleasure in watching their honesty with one another and their cuteness, of course. They have been such an awesome pairing. Marriage Not dating benefits from excellent forged.

When they finally broke down on the phone together, I lost it but not as a outcome of I was unhappy, however as a outcome of I was so happy!!! It just felt like this great weight had been lifted. I’m getting a really Coffee Princey vibe from this show, especially these last few episodes. They remind me of when Han-kyul and Eun-chan finally start relationship after which the whole I want to be a woman worthy of you business got here up.

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Like, I wished to watch you repeatedly eternally. But then you definitely go and do THAT for the final two episodes. But how cute had been Jang Mi and Ki Tae in this episode?

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Because in lesser capable arms, the character would appear one-dimensional. That unhappy, miserable, thrown aside wife simply ready to harm anyone who came across her. Now that the drama is over (I’ve simply seen the ultimate ep, even with out subs it feels so goddamn satisfying), my weekend won’t feel as exhilarating and the relaxation of the week will not really feel as unbearable. Of course, in both scenes (the fantasy and the actual one), the highlight was Yeo Reum’s grin of schadenfreude. Even in her fantasy, Jang Mi knows that Yeo Reum shall be enjoying the show. Like, i am so carried out with these hero complexes (do min jun err), and this drama makes me notice that every one a woman wants is a man who sees her with respect.

He scrambles across the room, and in the chaos, he sees a note from the hospital that claims she’s been identified with breast cancer. Ki-tae comes out of his clinic all dressed up in a swimsuit with a bouquet of roses on the ready, and Hoon-dong sighs that he’s digging his own grave. But Ki-tae says he heard bells and skips off to do the deed, and Hoon-dong ends up cheering him on in the long run. But he doesn’t must say the words for her to know, and she just listens to him sobbing into the cellphone with tears in her eyes.

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I could not care much less about Se-ah and Yeo-reum though. But good god, Ki-tae and Jang-mi personal me, by way of and thru. I like the point you mentioned about how Se-ah and Yeo-reum chose self-respect and -preservation.

And I too have drawn the Ha Ji-won connection, notably in gentle of Han Groo’s badassery in Girl K. She simply throws herself totally into no matter her characters demand of her. I discover her to be manipulative, self-centred and a poor excuse of a friend… And this episode just sealed the deal for me, the girl is vile. I wouldn’t be surprised if she becomes one of our heroine’s greatest road blocks, I may see her jealousy getting to her and stabbing Jang-min in the back. They discard people easily and (for Se-ah) when she is harm, she never forgives…or so it appears from this level of the story.

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Jang-mi asks why Ki-tae didn’t inform her about this, but he’s embarrassed to be utilizing his fairly face to sell his clinic, hee. They each relax and tease each other (“So you’re a pretty boy?” “Of course, didn’t you know?”), and the interviewer asks if this is Ki-tae’s girlfriend. Jang-mi calms down sufficient to notice a pair of attractive purple heels in his entryway, and Ki-tae simply says he’s received a visitor and can’t talk now. She’s much more suspicious when she notices he’s dressed up, and shoves her well beyond him, solely to search out she’s barged into the middle of a journal interview.

There is also the added bonus of seeing some current Hallyu stars as rookies. Choi Sang Eun (Park Min Young) has the job of being knowledgeable fake wife. She marries men to meet the duties of being their dates to numerous features and to assist alleviate the pressures they get from family members. She has been “married” to Jung Ji Ho (Go Kyung Pyo) for 5 years, and when she is about to retire, she finds it troublesome to break off the marriage. Meanwhile, Kang Hae Jin (Kim Jae Young) enters into the picture and requests for Sang Eun to be his JoyClub contract girlfriend.

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This one of many less-buzzed drama when it began but ended with a bang. I truly have to agree that the second leads (with the exception of Hoon Dong, he is such dork) didn’t contribute as a lot as to the awesomeness of this sequence however the households made up for them esp GT’s mother. Yay, the three ladies being collectively forget dad, girl power FTW. Protecting yourself to the point that you just shut out everyone and every little thing may be a protected method to reside, however it’s not a cheerful method to live. He had to study that when you may get damage if you attain out to others, you also may gain immeasurable happiness, and that’s value possibly experiencing some heartbreak within the course of.

She says it’s actually busy, and he says the clinic is doing nicely, too. As he boasts how nice he is, she falls asleep on him again. Ki-tae tries to act like the cool boyfriend and smiles whenever Jang-mi seems his way, however he’s jealous to see how a lot fun Jang-mi and Yeo-reum have working collectively.

Love the stormy sky backdrop with the whole marriage ceremony tableau. Plus I’ve spent mainly the entire drama admiring Han Groo’s fantastic legs. Thanks for sharing, Chandler and alcoholicbubbletea! Joo Jang Mi is strictly how I will bear in mind Han Groo.